Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who does the Westshore CIRS team serve?

A: We are oriented towards public safety workers but on a limited basis we will help the general public as needed.

Q: What is the difference between a Critical Incident Stress Management debriefing and a tactical debriefing?

A: CISM debriefing sessions are confidential, non-evaluative discussions of involvement, thoughts and feelings resulting from the incident. They usually last two to three hours and everyone who was involved with the incident is invited to attend. When a whole work group is affected, a debriefing, involving the CISM Team would be utilized.

A tactical debrief is a review or critique of the actions taken by the people involved to evaluate overall performance and to improve response to similar incidents in the future.

We do not do tactical debriefs.

Q: Who can activate the Westshore CIRS team?

A: Anyone can identify or recognize significant incidents that may require Critical Incident Stress Management (C.I.S.M.). Our services should be requested as soon as possible after the event. Our response will be catered to the individual event.

Q: Are Westshore CIRS services confidential?

A: Confidentiality is paramount to what we do. Without confidentiality our service would be ineffective because no one would use us. in matters involving court testimony we are protected by section 2317.02(K) of the Ohio Revised Code.